Robin Ple­nio


Robin Ple­nio (*1993 in Höx­ter) is a com­po­ser, theat­re maker, per­for­mer and media artist. He stu­di­ed musi­co­lo­gy, cul­tu­ral stu­dies and aes­the­tic prac­ti­ce, sta­ging of the arts and media as well as new com­po­si­ti­on tech­ni­ques in Müns­ter, Hil­des­heim and at the Hfmt Hamburg. 

During his stu­dies, he began working in the inde­pen­dent theat­re sce­ne for various coll­ec­ti­ves. He moves bet­ween elec­tro­nic sound expe­ri­ments, pop, inter­ac­ti­ve music­pro­gramming and sound­art. His work has been seen and heard at the Sophien­sae­le, the inter­na­tio­nal sum­mer fes­ti­val Kamp­na­gel, Ball­haus Ost, Licht­hof Thea­ter and Thea­ter an der Park­aue. In addi­ti­on to his work in the inde­pen­dent theat­re sce­ne, he rea­li­ses music for short films, cine­ma or instal­la­ti­ons and works as a lec­tu­rer. He lives and works in Ber­lin and Hamburg.