About us:

Berlin is one of the most important centres of independent contemporary music theatre in Germany and internationally. The ZMB e.V. (Zeitgenössisches Musiktheater Berlin e.V.) is the association of this scene and acts as the umbrella organisation of independent music theatre in Berlin. Since 2015, it has represented the interests of this scene vis-à-vis politics and the public, deals with structural and cultural policy challenges and works to increase the visibility of the diverse and innovative forms of independent music theatre in Berlin and beyond.

The ZMB sets itself the task of:

  • to provide a common platform for innovative endeavours in Berlin music theatre and to help them gain greater public attention;
  • to give the actors of such music theater a common representation of interests in public as well as in politics and administration;
  • to pool and network their energies and activities;
  • to promote the public, scientific and theater-internal discourse on aesthetic and cultural-political aspects of this work;
  • to initiate and maintain the exchange with other, national and international music theater scenes.

The ZMB develops its work on the initiative of its members. Anyone who works in the field of contemporary music theater and has their residence or an important part of their sphere of activity in Berlin can become a full member of the association. Anyone who supports the goals of the association's work can become an associated member.

Since 2017, one of the main fields of work of the ZMB has been the organisation of the festival BAM! (Berlin Festival for Contemporary Music Theatre). BAM! is the festival of the independent music theatre scene in Berlin and focuses the attention of a regional and international audience on its diverse actors and varied forms and formats.