Oscar Bian­chi

Born in Milan, hol­ding dual Ita­li­an-Swiss citi­zen­ships, Oscar Bian­chi com­ple­ted degrees in com­po­si­ti­on, choir con­duc­ting and elec­tro­nic music at the Giu­sep­pe Ver­di con­ser­va­to­ry of Milan. He pur­sued stu­dies in com­po­si­ti­on taking part in mas­ter pro­grams such as at IRCAM – Cent­re Pom­pi­dou and with a doc­to­ral degree at Colum­bia Uni­ver­si­ty in New York. Vita­li­ty, puls­ing rhyth­ms, and vir­tuo­si­ty are the hall­marks of the music crea­ted by Bian­chi, who reve­als a sen­si­ble inte­rest in new phra­sings and new orna­men­ta­ti­ons. A vocal qua­li­ty, even in his instru­men­tal work, can strike us as a pro­mi­nent fea­ture of his music. Com­mis­sio­ned by the Aix-en-Pro­vence Fes­ti­val and Thé­ât­re & Musi­que, his first ope­ra, Thanks to My Eyes, libret­to and direc­tion by Joël Pom­mer­at, recei­ved cri­ti­cal accla­im by audi­en­ces and cri­tics ali­ke His music has been per­for­med by out­stan­ding ensem­bles and orchestras. He has been award­ed num­e­rous pri­zes, such as the Gau­dea­mus first Pri­ze, the Duss­ur­get Pri­ze, the Asm-Stv Pri­ze, the Aar­gau­er Kura­to­ri­um fel­low­ship and the Ictus fellowship.

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