For fair payment

The inde­pen­dent Art’s sce­ne in Ber­lin is enga­ged in an inten­si­ve dis­cus­sion with the various fun­ding insti­tu­ti­ons about appro­pria­te pay­ment and fair lower fee limits. At the end of 2022, the ZMB, tog­e­ther with DACH-Musik, pre­sen­ted a poli­cy paper that, in addi­ti­on to rehear­sal and per­for­mance fees, also brings the sus­taina­bi­li­ty of working in the inde­pen­dent sce­ne into the deba­te, for exam­p­le with regard to the acqui­si­ti­on of pen­si­on points. The aim is to end the pre­ca­rious­ness of inde­pen­dent work and to increase the finan­cial resour­ces available accor­din­gly. The ZMB is also com­mit­ted to achie­ving an appro­pria­te rela­ti­onship bet­ween pay­ment levels in the fields of music and the per­forming arts.