Komische Oper - Schall&Rausch:
Die Hexe

Performatives Konzert von HERR HAMSTERFLEISCH

09. Februar 2024


SchwuZ Queer Club Rollbergstraße 26 12053 Berlin

Die Hexe. The witch. The hag. The old woman. The sin­gle woman. The unat­trac­ti­ve woman. The dis­o­bey­ing woman. The woman who picks mush­rooms and drinks herbs. The woman who lives and sleeps with the moon. The woman who spreads her legs for Satan. The woman who eats litt­le child­ren. It is esti­ma­ted that bet­ween 30.000 and 60.000 women were exe­cu­ted for witch­craft, in the years 1450 through 1750. This is a sys­te­ma­tic mass mur­der, out of fear for any­thing that falls out of the patri­ar­chal norm, and of which peo­p­le today still talk about in a laug­hing mat­ter. It is time to retroac­tively get real angry for once.

Die Hexe is a thea­tri­cal con­cert by the fake Ger­man punk band Herr Hams­ter­fleisch. In 60 minu­tes of head-ban­ging punk songs, lyri­cal rock bal­lads and absurd acti­vi­stic per­for­man­ces, the lea­ding lady trans­forms into the arche­ty­pe of the witch. And ode to the woman who is hard to love. An ode to the importance of get­ting angry. A remin­der to the neces­si­ty to always keep fight­ing for some­thing that is see­mingly obvious, like fuck­ing human rights.

Herr Hams­ter­fleisch is a radi­cal femi­nist alter ego of music and per­for­mance coll­ec­ti­ve Club Gewalt, with club mem­ber Lou­lou as vir­tuous lead. Once inspi­red by Nina Hagen, they make poli­ti­cal “post-prog-punk” songs: Femi­ne, Loud and Extre­me. Per­for­med in a made up Ger­man-like lan­guage and with a lot of noi­se. So, don’t for­get to bring earplug