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    HOPSCOTCH // Music Theatre


    Ackerstadtpalast, Ackerstraße 169/170, 10115 Berlin

    This group Hopscotch is concerned mostly with storytelling in a movement way, a music way, a theatrical way and a scenic way. These stories will meet in the same areas such as restaurant, market place, park, public bath and a waiting room for a doctor. This means there is a possibility for two groups happening at the same time or a maximum of three groups at the same time. These are expressed in a song form, a movement form, a theatre form: a dialogue with text completely improvised or a text written beforehand. And the last is expressed through a scene change. In this way the story will be told without beginning and without end. Therefor each evening is told in a different way. I hope this is adequate for an explanation. There will be mystery occurring throughout the piece, so hopefully there will be surprise occurring.

    Besetzung / cast:
    Axel Dörner
    Toby Delius
    Jochum Hartz
    Ciska Jannsen
    Klaus Küvers
    Antonio Borghini
    Tristan Honsinger
    Kalle Mews
    Izumi Ose