Alexey Kokhanov

Alexey Kokhanov is a singer, sound artist and performer based in Berlin. As a trained opera singer, he works in the field of new music and performance art. Alexey is a member of the Theatre of the Voice La GOL directed by Natalia Pschenitschnikova. Alexey is also involved in several opera and theatre projects (Electrotheater Stanislavsky in Moscow etc.) as well as in dance scene (Uferstudios, Hamburger Bahnhof) and makes his own performance projects in Moscow and Berlin. He also gives master classes in extended vocal techniques and improvisation at various institutions (Theatre of Nations Moscow, Festival Territory, TSEH Centre of Contemporary Dance etc.). Alexey Kokhanov has worked with several composers and premiered their works – Reinhard Febel, Christian Kesten, Dmitry Kourlandsky, Brigitta Muntendorf, Sergei Nevsky, Silvia Rosani, Lisa Streich, Wen Liu. Since 2019 Alexey lives and works in Berlin.